Unusual places to say “I do”

Lights, camera, action! Your wedding is made up of a set of elements that take on a unique shape, in a setting that makes them shine. The choice of the scenario is one of the most important things in the preparations, because the style of your celebration will depend on it. Rustic, romantic, elegant… there are a thousand ways to theme a wedding, but in the end the space will be the one that will mark everything else. In the following post, we will try to light your way with some proposals of unusual spaces to say the long-awaited “yes, I do”. Places that will be, without a doubt, the biggest “I do” of your lives.


fotos increibles de bodas en la playa


Organizing a wedding always starts at the same point: choosing the place where we will say “I do”. The catalogue of proposals is so vast nowadays that you’ll need weeks to go through the venues that catch your eye the most before deciding on the chosen one. What is certain is that, in the end, you will choose the one that most connects with the wedding of your dreams. But to do so, the ideal is to first discover the style of scenario that best suits your personality and the type of celebration you have in mind.


lugar inspiracional para boda en el campo


If you’re looking for a rustic and informal wedding and you like country style, countryside ceremonies are a trend. Nature is an unusual scenario to say “I do”, but one that is increasingly sought after by couples. Although at first glance it may seem to require the most props to shine, the truth is that there are corners deep in the forest that are pure magic. Wooden benches, a structure decorated with flowers and, if space allows, several garlands of light will be enough to bring the space to life. The romantic evening sun will take care of the rest.


iglesias antiguas


If your style is more sophisticated, you probably don’t want your wedding without details like a classic Bentley or a Rolls-Royce that can be in charge of a triumphal entrance to the ceremony. Considering this, you should opt for more classic scenarios for the “Yes, I do”, where a cathedral with a majestic staircase might be a good option. The solemnity and elegance that this space adds to the bride’s entrance are difficult to imitate. However, it will always depend on how important it is to give or not to give your wedding a religious touch.


bodas de sueno


As an alternative to the traditional church or cathedral, the terrace of a boutique hotel in the heart of the city centre is another unusual place to say “I do” that offers both elegance and sophistication. This option is perfect for intimate weddings with few guests; a space that, although not very large, brings together unique details: unsurpassed views of the city and the magic of being able to practically touch the sky. At night, the effect of this type of wedding is multiplied by 10; stars, candles and a live jazz quartet in the background. Spectacular!


bodas estilo ebicenco


A garden is another perfect and versatile scenario for saying “I do” that allows you to personalize the event on the couple’s taste. Depending on whether the wedding is during the day or at night, you can play with floral decoration or lighting to enhance the charm of the space. Whether it’s a private property or a restaurant, this venue is usually practical and adaptable, whatever the style of your wedding. And it also offers the advantage of not having to displace your guests too much once the ceremony is over. Something your guests will certainly thank you for.


bodas en la playa


We end our list of proposals with one of the most romantic and sought-after scenarios for saying “I do”: the beach. Sand on the feet and the sea as a backdrop are the desire of many couples looking for a fresh, relaxed and magical wedding. There are private beaches suitable for wedding ceremonies, which facilitate the logistics and setting up of the decoration, the subsequent gastronomic offer and delimit the space to ensure the intimacy of the event. If you’re looking for something more personal, such as a wild cove or steep cliff overlooking the ocean, the setting will be a little more complicated, but will undoubtedly leave your guests speechless.


bodas en la playa


Forest, cathedral, terrace, beach, garden… If you still can’t relate with, you can always dare to say “I do” in an even more alternative and unusual place. How about a monastery, a wedding proposal in the snow, an amusement park from the 80s or even your favorite park in the middle of the city? While the logistics might be a little more complicated, the options are endless, so let your imagination fly!


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