Unstoppable: the power of wearing a suit


Wearing a suit gives every man immense strength and confidence. We don’t know what has this garment, but without a doubt, any man who wears it knows its immediate power. It raises eyebrows, enhances form, boosts attitude and self-confidence. And most importantly, a man with self-esteem and self-confidence becomes unstoppable in front of the world and others. This post is a tribute to the suit, the masculine classic par excellence.

fatos de noivo estilo ebicenco

A man’s personality is forged on the basis of his experiences, his habits and his family background. A path that goes from the inside out and culminates its mission in the personal image that this man launches into the world. There are certain garments that enhance this personality; that constitute in themselves a vindication of character and style; that give strength to that imprint that every man carries implicitly, but that he cannot communicate with words.


fatos de noivo estilo ebicenco


When a man wears a suit, the whole discourse of who he is, is translated into what he shows. Few items of clothing are capable of sending such a powerful and suggestive message to the world as this one. A suit is synonymous of class, but at the same time with dynamism. Of tradition, but at the same time of modernity. A suit is versatile and adapts to all the important moments of life, with colors, patterns and shapes that make it adaptable to every event or circumstance, whether more or less formal.


escolhe o fato de noivo perfeito.


His potent qualities and incomparable power are inseparable from something that is the personal work of each man: attitude. The passion and confidence with which a man steps out into the world are intangibles that money cannot buy. That is why it is so important to put it above everything else. Including when it comes to dressing. Knowing how to wear a suit will always depend on the attitude with which you face life. Being aware of all the content that this garment conveys and its powerful emotional charge is essential for its magic to take effect.


fato de noivo preto com colete brocado


It has been scientifically proven that personal image has a direct influence on emotional state. Thus, a man who knows himself, who knows the powerful capacity of this garment; who masters the elegance of knowing how to wear it and combine it intelligently according to the occasion, is an unbeatable man and capable of going wherever he sets his mind to. Because mind and body are inseparable elements and our way of facing life and reality will depend on their correct balance. Motivation, power, success, confidence to overcome any challenge? Is it possible to ask more from a garment


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Life is a flow of emotions, a game of mirrors that returns messages from others that are necessary for our own evolution and learning. The image we project on others will, in the end, have a positive or negative impact on our self-esteem. Wearing a suit inevitably causes this flow to have positive repercussions, enhancing qualifiers such as elegance, distinction, enthusiasm or joviality. Because a suit not only has the ability to transmit qualities to the world, but also to create new impulses to step on it with greater confidence. Because in life, as in fashion, everything, absolutely everything, is a question of attitude.