The brand Javier Arnaiz, was, in the past, a leader and undeniable reference on the European Bridal market. After years of absence, Javier Arnaiz returns to its path…

2021 was an important year. Rinascimento 2021 was an important collection. It won’t left anyone uninterested. Avant-garde design, fabrics judiciously selected on detail, passionate combination of colours and patterns. How can we be unmoved?

Young, elegant and fashionable are three words that can perfectly describe the brand.

Young it’s was a brand created by thinking on the modern and passionate man who desires to marry young and live together with the woman of his life, for the rest of his life.

Elegant, as it should be. It’s an essential value. Elegance on such an important day as the wedding day. Elegance that dresses the groom: the suit, the most important suit of his life.

Fashionable: and we refuse to translate the word on other languages. The brand follows trends (did we already mentioned blue predominance?), it gives special attention to detail, shines with its own light and focus importantly on the groom’s silhouette. It’s without any doubts, undeniably fashionable.

Some claim this brand compromises with collections “perfectly and impeccably coordinated to the smallest detail”. Others raise “a powerful style”.

And you, what can you say about the brand Javier Arnaiz? Or what will you have to say about us in the future? Even more: we want to know your history and how did you found us (send us an e-mail to and tell us everything.) We know, beforehand, that your experience will be incredible but we want you to approve us.

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