novio perfecto

Tell me which groom you are and I'll tell you which is your perfect suit

If you are a few months away from your wedding, choosing the perfect groom suit will be an enjoyable and fun mission, however, you will have to design a starting point to find the one that best conveys your essence and style. As there are as many suits as types of groomsmen, next we'll tell you which look will suit you best, depending on your lifestyle and personality.


novio perfecto


The big day is just around the corner and it's finally time to choose the perfect suit to celebrate the new stage of your life. And a good way to make the right choice is to do an exercise of introspection and analyze what kind of groom you are, how you define yourself in everyday life and what kind of style suits you best. You have the support of your best friends, who know you best and can define you. If you're still a little lost, this little guide will help you start your search and find out which groom suits are best for you. Ready?


noivo aventureiro


The adventurous groom

Young, informal, fun and with a very active social and professional life, if you are an adventurous boyfriend you like to follow your intuition and make decisions without thinking too much about them, because you know that, even if something might go wrong, in the end you will have fun and learn something for life. In your everyday life, you always want your outfits to be comfortable and offer you freedom of movement. And your wedding is no different. Opt for natural and slightly lighter fabrics, which allow you to convey a relaxed but elegant image at the same time. Look for comfortable patterns, with some strech. Play with shades such as burgundy, pink and beige and, of course, the whole range of light blue. If you want to dare with something different, try geometric prints, plaid or brocade fabrics.


noivo alternativo


The alternative groom

Your personality is irreverent and you like to celebrate any special occasion, so your wedding will have that alternative and non-conformist touch that identifies you so much. You love music, going out with friends, hanging out in a bar and having fun. You practice physical exercise, but without pressure, just like a social event. With your outfits you always like to stand out your style and draw everyone's attention. You'll feel comfortable if you give a hipster touch to your wedding suit, reinforcing the sensuality of an Italian style, but adding a Latin counterpoint, with brocades, floral patterns or jeweled buttons, which give a rocker touch to the suit. Dare with colors such as blue in its less discreet ranges, bronze, burgundy or metallic greens.


novio clásico


The classic groom

You want to feel elegant, but not overdressed. You always dress appropriately for each type of event you attend in your busy social calendar. You are basic in your wardrobe and you don't usually risk too much in your outfits, as you think that there are certain garments that you will always get it right. Your childhood friends are your main influence and to choose your wedding suit you trust your mother's judgment, of course one of the people who knows you best. You admire the elegance of the great cinematic myths, both in relationships and in your work. If you identify with any of these traits, you will look good in an Italian dinner jacket in traditional colors such as dark blue, grey or black, with a tie and waistcoat in the same or similar shades. An elegant style, with just the right balance between subtlety and sensuality.


The romantic groom

You enjoy dining out with your partner and discovering new restaurants, but you prefer a good sofa session and a series to any social event. You are thoughtful, caring and love to make those around you happy. Your style of dress is both smart and casual, with a classic touch. When you think of your perfect groom suit, the first thing that comes to mind is for your bride to like it. Seeing the sparkle in her eyes when she sees you at the altar is what matters most to you that day. In this case, always go for the cut or pattern that best enhances your silhouette and give her the luxury of choosing the color she prefers for you. This way, both of you will be winners.


novio romantico

The intellectual groom

You like events and going out with your friends, but above all you priorities is a good conversation. You are excited by art and your motto is that knowledge never takes up space. You want to live your life to the fullest, making the most of every situation that comes your way, without forgetting elegance and the concept of dressing well. Your style is formal at events and more relaxed in everyday life. You recognize the importance of a good look, but you are not overly obsessed with it. For your groom's suit you can choose soft colours, even daring with the range of whites and beiges. Go for sleek lines and add a personal and artistic touch by choosing geometric or jacquard print accessories, with contrasting bronze or white. Slim fit patterns will give a seductive air to your outfit.


traje que transmite alegria


Do you identify with any of these types of grooms? If so, congratulations! Now you have a clear line to start with, so play with colours, look for the perfect combination according to your body type and give it a personal touch with the accessories. If you are between two types, our advice is to always go for the outfit or style that transmits the greatest dose of joy and illusion, two essential words in these important moments of your life. And if, on the contrary, you feel that your personality does not fit into any of these patterns, you have the opportunity to experiment, try and enjoy twice as much in your search, because the adventure of choosing this outfit will be difficult to forget. Enjoy!


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despedida de solteiro divertida

Bachelor Party: where and when?

Bachelor Party: where and when?

Weeks before the big day, one of the most anticipated events for the groom's friends traditionally takes place: the bachelor party. Revelation, confidences, relaxation and guaranteed laughs are the elements of this cocktail party, sometimes explosive, but always intimate and familiar. Leaving aside the mystery that usually surrounds this event, there are many ways to make it an unforgettable experience for everyone. Because, in the end, the only important thing is to spend time with your friends and say goodbye to your single life in a symbolic way. Still not sure of the plan? Here are some ideas.


despedida de solteiro divertida


Choosing between a discreet dinner to a weekend in Las Vegas in the style of Hollywood's biggest stars. When it comes to organizing a bachelor party, the line between the two extremes is wide enough and full enough of nuances to find a middle ground that elevate your fun to the maximum. The truth is, in pandemic times, intimate bachelor parties in private venues have become increasingly popular. A rural house with beds for everyone where you can spend the night and end the party in the early hours of the morning is always a good option. If it's summer, the pool will add an edge to the event. And of course, a DJ playing the music that will remind you of your nights at the disco will be the perfect finishing touch to this special date.


despedida de solteiro com dj


A boat is another of the coolest scenarios for a bachelor party with character. On this occasion, you also can't miss the music, and of course, this should be scheduled in the warmer months, where the temperature allows you to finish on the water if you feel like it. To extend the plan, you can hire a catering service to prepare a relaxed dinner at sunset and continue to enjoy the landscape until the night prevents you from seeing it.


despedida de soltero experiencial


If you are looking for a more ambitious and extensive plan, a bachelor party that lasts a whole weekend will be the best option. The important thing is to spend time together, so it is advisable to look for a nearby destination so that the experience is not stressful and tiring. The style will depend on your tastes; adventure, sport, beach and relaxation, music, gastronomy or a wide range of night and day leisure activities will be aspects to consider before choosing. Pack your bags and have fun!


despedida de soltero en concertos


How about surprising them yourself? As the groom, you can use this meeting to officially notify them of their role in the wedding, or let them know that they are special to you in an original way, for example by personally bottling some beers or the wine to be consumed during dinner. A speech that reminds you the beginning of your friendship, your high school days or the best childhood anecdotes is another endearing way to convey to them the role you play in their lives. They will love it.


despedida de soltero en nuevo ano


When is the best moment?

The bachelor party is always held before the wedding, in honour of its name and tradition. It can take weeks or even months. It all depends on the particular plan you choose, the season or the weather. It is easier to arrange a discreet dinner a few days before the wedding, than a weekend getaway or a plan that involves spending the night away from home. In the latter case, we recommend scheduling it at least two weeks before the wedding, as in the days before the wedding you will need to finalize the details of the event and be at 100%.


despedida de soltero aventura


Although the organization is usually left in the hands of friends, if you are the groom it is always advisable to have a minimum of control over what is happening in order to avoid unexpected surprises, especially if you decide to schedule it a few days before the ceremony.


despedida de soltero loca


Take note of these proposals, mix and match, explore and find out which bachelor party will make you feel most comfortable. In the end, every groom is unique and the concept of fun is not the same for everyone. The most important thing will undoubtedly be to find the plan that best suits you. It's certain that there will be some surprises that you won't be able to avoid, so open your mind and get ready to enjoy a unique experience that you'll always remember.

looks de novios distintivos

The groom say goodbye to protocol

The groom say goodbye to protocol


Unstructured suits, extravagant accessories, unbuttoned collars, trainers and an explosion of color, saying goodbye to protocol. The grooms of 2022 are in revolution and have decided to introduce details in their suits that go beyond the traditional context to highlight a more personal and charismatic context. Because a wedding is a party where love is celebrated and, increasingly, an event where the personal style and stamp of each couple is justified. Below, we offer you a short summary of the most revolutionary bridal trends that grooms are following this season. Take note!


tendencias revolucionarias


Getting married means leaving stress and protocol aside to create a relaxed and joyful atmosphere where everyone shows who they are. It's no longer about sticking to the rules, but enjoying the before, during and after in your own way. The grooms of 2022 play around and design their wedding clothes with details and accessories that escape the traditional. Styles in which the most common colors give place to extreme and unusual tones for ceremonies, such as pinks or multicolored prints. The main thing, always, is to justify your personality.


trajes de novio con tonalidades extremadas


The blazer is a decisive piece to give a ceremonial character to the look, which is increasingly less selected by grooms looking for that hipster and bohemian touch. These are free-spirited grooms who priorities comfort and coolness, fitting perfectly into boho style weddings, ceremonies on the beach or in the wildest forest, looking for that coherence and fusion with the environment. The shirt is usually worn with a waistcoat or in its absence, with some braces, to enhance the casual effect.


estilo bohemio e hipster


It's becoming more and more common to dispense the classic shoes and, instead, give the look a counterpoint with a pair of trainers. Grooms that opt for this type of footwear usually choose them in white, without too many details and matching the tone of the shirt, while looking for a subtle but alternative style.


looks de novios distintivos


Those less willing to take risks choose to wear two different looks and create a surprise effect, giving a different look to the classic dinner jacket at the ball. As is usual for the bride to replace her voluminous dress for a lighter one, for the groom to exchange his shoes for trainers, his jacket and waistcoat for braces and leave aside his bow tie or tie, unbuttoning the collar of his shirt and getting ready to dance and enjoy the party until the early hours in a relaxed way.


bodas han sufrido revolución


Breaking protocol doesn't just happen in looks. Weddings have undergone a revolution at all levels and often, nothing is what was initially established. The presidential table is eliminated and the grooms are integrated into the guests during the banquet; the traditional cutting of the cake or the classic waltz are eliminated, used to open the dance and is replaced by 90s rock pieces or even perfectly orchestrated choreographies that take months of rehearsals.


ceremonias tematicas


Themed ceremonies, weddings in jeans or even masquerade parties where the bride and groom dress up as their favourite childhood characters. We don't know if the traditional will ever gain strength again. At the moment, every wedding is unique and deserves to be experienced as such. So, bring informality to life.


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bodas estilo ebicenco

Unusual places to say “I do”

Unusual places to say “I do”

Lights, camera, action! Your wedding is made up of a set of elements that take on a unique shape, in a setting that makes them shine. The choice of the scenario is one of the most important things in the preparations, because the style of your celebration will depend on it. Rustic, romantic, elegant... there are a thousand ways to theme a wedding, but in the end the space will be the one that will mark everything else. In the following post, we will try to light your way with some proposals of unusual spaces to say the long-awaited "yes, I do". Places that will be, without a doubt, the biggest "I do" of your lives.


fotos increibles de bodas en la playa


Organizing a wedding always starts at the same point: choosing the place where we will say "I do". The catalogue of proposals is so vast nowadays that you'll need weeks to go through the venues that catch your eye the most before deciding on the chosen one. What is certain is that, in the end, you will choose the one that most connects with the wedding of your dreams. But to do so, the ideal is to first discover the style of scenario that best suits your personality and the type of celebration you have in mind.


lugar inspiracional para boda en el campo


If you're looking for a rustic and informal wedding and you like country style, countryside ceremonies are a trend. Nature is an unusual scenario to say "I do", but one that is increasingly sought after by couples. Although at first glance it may seem to require the most props to shine, the truth is that there are corners deep in the forest that are pure magic. Wooden benches, a structure decorated with flowers and, if space allows, several garlands of light will be enough to bring the space to life. The romantic evening sun will take care of the rest.


iglesias antiguas


If your style is more sophisticated, you probably don't want your wedding without details like a classic Bentley or a Rolls-Royce that can be in charge of a triumphal entrance to the ceremony. Considering this, you should opt for more classic scenarios for the "Yes, I do", where a cathedral with a majestic staircase might be a good option. The solemnity and elegance that this space adds to the bride's entrance are difficult to imitate. However, it will always depend on how important it is to give or not to give your wedding a religious touch.


bodas de sueno


As an alternative to the traditional church or cathedral, the terrace of a boutique hotel in the heart of the city centre is another unusual place to say "I do" that offers both elegance and sophistication. This option is perfect for intimate weddings with few guests; a space that, although not very large, brings together unique details: unsurpassed views of the city and the magic of being able to practically touch the sky. At night, the effect of this type of wedding is multiplied by 10; stars, candles and a live jazz quartet in the background. Spectacular!


bodas estilo ebicenco


A garden is another perfect and versatile scenario for saying "I do" that allows you to personalize the event on the couple's taste. Depending on whether the wedding is during the day or at night, you can play with floral decoration or lighting to enhance the charm of the space. Whether it's a private property or a restaurant, this venue is usually practical and adaptable, whatever the style of your wedding. And it also offers the advantage of not having to displace your guests too much once the ceremony is over. Something your guests will certainly thank you for.


bodas en la playa


We end our list of proposals with one of the most romantic and sought-after scenarios for saying "I do": the beach. Sand on the feet and the sea as a backdrop are the desire of many couples looking for a fresh, relaxed and magical wedding. There are private beaches suitable for wedding ceremonies, which facilitate the logistics and setting up of the decoration, the subsequent gastronomic offer and delimit the space to ensure the intimacy of the event. If you're looking for something more personal, such as a wild cove or steep cliff overlooking the ocean, the setting will be a little more complicated, but will undoubtedly leave your guests speechless.


bodas en la playa


Forest, cathedral, terrace, beach, garden... If you still can't relate with, you can always dare to say "I do" in an even more alternative and unusual place. How about a monastery, a wedding proposal in the snow, an amusement park from the 80s or even your favorite park in the middle of the city? While the logistics might be a little more complicated, the options are endless, so let your imagination fly!


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fato de noivo preto com colete brocado

Unstoppable: the power of wearing a suit

Unstoppable: the power of wearing a suit


Wearing a suit gives every man immense strength and confidence. We don't know what has this garment, but without a doubt, any man who wears it knows its immediate power. It raises eyebrows, enhances form, boosts attitude and self-confidence. And most importantly, a man with self-esteem and self-confidence becomes unstoppable in front of the world and others. This post is a tribute to the suit, the masculine classic par excellence.

fatos de noivo estilo ebicenco

A man's personality is forged on the basis of his experiences, his habits and his family background. A path that goes from the inside out and culminates its mission in the personal image that this man launches into the world. There are certain garments that enhance this personality; that constitute in themselves a vindication of character and style; that give strength to that imprint that every man carries implicitly, but that he cannot communicate with words.


fatos de noivo estilo ebicenco


When a man wears a suit, the whole discourse of who he is, is translated into what he shows. Few items of clothing are capable of sending such a powerful and suggestive message to the world as this one. A suit is synonymous of class, but at the same time with dynamism. Of tradition, but at the same time of modernity. A suit is versatile and adapts to all the important moments of life, with colors, patterns and shapes that make it adaptable to every event or circumstance, whether more or less formal.


escolhe o fato de noivo perfeito.


His potent qualities and incomparable power are inseparable from something that is the personal work of each man: attitude. The passion and confidence with which a man steps out into the world are intangibles that money cannot buy. That is why it is so important to put it above everything else. Including when it comes to dressing. Knowing how to wear a suit will always depend on the attitude with which you face life. Being aware of all the content that this garment conveys and its powerful emotional charge is essential for its magic to take effect.


fato de noivo preto com colete brocado


It has been scientifically proven that personal image has a direct influence on emotional state. Thus, a man who knows himself, who knows the powerful capacity of this garment; who masters the elegance of knowing how to wear it and combine it intelligently according to the occasion, is an unbeatable man and capable of going wherever he sets his mind to. Because mind and body are inseparable elements and our way of facing life and reality will depend on their correct balance. Motivation, power, success, confidence to overcome any challenge? Is it possible to ask more from a garment


casamentos na praia


Life is a flow of emotions, a game of mirrors that returns messages from others that are necessary for our own evolution and learning. The image we project on others will, in the end, have a positive or negative impact on our self-esteem. Wearing a suit inevitably causes this flow to have positive repercussions, enhancing qualifiers such as elegance, distinction, enthusiasm or joviality. Because a suit not only has the ability to transmit qualities to the world, but also to create new impulses to step on it with greater confidence. Because in life, as in fashion, everything, absolutely everything, is a question of attitude.